FAQ: What Are Line Sheets In Fashion?

What is a line sheet in retail?

Line sheets are what apparel companies use to present their product mix to wholesale buyers. They need to be well organized because you’ll use them every day to showcase your product line to retailers looking for the right mix of merchandise, grouped first by material, and then items, such as shirts, dresses or pants.

What’s a line sheet for clothing?

A line sheet is a sheet used by a manufacturer in the garment/fashion industry providing information on a product for wholesale sales. It allows a garment to be listed with the sizes in its size range, great for inventory tracking.

Is a line sheet the same as a sell sheet?

But a line sheet is different. Line sheets are simpler than sell sheets. They’re no-frills. They’re straightforward, and they’re just there to guide your potential buyer through the very end of your sales funnel by showing them what products they might be interested in and how to place their order.

What should be included in a line sheet?

Line sheets should include the following:

  • Cover with branding logos.
  • Contact information (especially the contact information of your sales rep)
  • General ordering information and sales terms.
  • Product images.
  • Product names.
  • Product descriptions.
  • Size run and available colors or variations.
  • Wholesale prices.
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What is a sell sheet?

– [Narrator] A sell sheet is a one-page advertisement of your brand, product, or service. A good sell sheet will explain the benefits and value of your brand, product, or service in a clear and succinct way. If it’s product-focused, the product will act as the hero image catching the people’s attention.

What goes in a tech pack?

A tech pack is an informative sheet that designers create to communicate with a manufacturer all the necessary components needed to construct a product. Typically designers will include measurements, materials, colors, trim, hardware, grading, labels, tags, etc.

What is a fashion lookbook?

A lookbook is a collection of photographs compiled to show off a model, photographer, style, stylist, or clothing line. Usually, bloggers or vloggers will “model” fashionable looks for that month or season. This gives viewers ideas on how to style outfits, or to show what the latest fashions are.

What is a fashion tech pack?

A tech pack is a document containing all the technical information about your product. It’s an essential document for both designers and production teams when producing new collections, as it helps clearly communicate every little detail about what you are making, to your manufacturer.

How do I make a line sheet in Word?

Press and hold the “Shift” key on the keyboard, then press and hold the left mouse button as you drag to the right side of the page. Release the “Shift” key and the left mouse button and the Word horizontal line appears. Click the line to open the orange Drawing Tools tab.

How do you make a line sheet in Canva?

How to create a line-sheet using Canva

  1. Click on the Line Sheet Template and then use as a template.
  2. Delete the first page by clicking on the highlighted (below) bin in the top right corner.
  3. Add your own logo, lifestyle image and text on the first page.
  4. Design your product page.
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How do you come up with a wholesale price?

The simplest formula to calculate the wholesale price is:

  1. Wholesale Price = Total Cost Price + Profit Margin.
  2. Total Cost Price = Variable Cost of the Product + (( Overhead Expenses + Administrative costs) /Number of Units )
  3. Wholesale Price = Total Cost Price + Profit Margin.

How do you make a jewelry line sheet?

Line sheets are a brilliant way to showcase your jewelry line. Add the Basics

  1. Your logo.
  2. Name and information for your company’s point person.
  3. The product name.
  4. The name of the collection (if you’re creating one)
  5. SKU or item number.
  6. Product description.
  7. Size options.
  8. Color/finish options.

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