How To Get Fashion Gems In Sims Mobile?

How do you get special items on Sims Mobile?

There may be times within an event where you may perform an action an get items as your reward, instead of the usual XP. You will see these items in the Career Order Items menu – just tap on the right arrow, and you can use any of the items in there to unlock new special actions.

Is there a cheat code for Sims Mobile?

Unlike other Sims games, there are no cheat codes to use in The Sims Mobile. That means there’s no quick console command to enter in order to get quick cash. Here are the best tips you can use to earn money without having to resort to hacks or cheating.

What do fashion gems do in Sims Mobile?

You can claim the Create a Sim item that Izzy makes for you, or you can use Fashion Gems to have Izzy design another random item. Fashion Gems are earned by giving or receiving Stickers; you can also buy them with SimCash.

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What job makes the most money in the Sims mobile?

You can become a DJ there. The career yields a speaker, a poster and a hifi. This is the most expensive workplace right now, but you make the same amount of money here.

How do you get money fast on Sims Mobile?

‘The Sims Mobile’ Money Guide: Cheats for Getting More of It

  1. Started playing The Sims Mobile but can’t seem to earn cash quick enough?
  2. Don’t Waste Money On Skips.
  3. Complete Quests & To-Do List.
  4. Level Up Your Sims.
  5. Watch Ads.
  6. Put Sims In Long Events When You’re Away.
  7. Consider In-Game Specials ​

How do you become famous on Sims Mobile?

Part 13 – Ticket to Fame Any kind of Sim Ticket will do. You can earn them by attending parties and completing relationship events. The reward for this part is 25 Simoleons and 10 XP.

How do I get my Sim to dress up?

The categories of outfits are located at the top of the screen. Click the bar above them and you’ll see that you can choose up to five outfits in each category. Later on, when you want to change clothes, you’ll choose outfits from the ones you’ve selected.

How do I change my Sims pajamas?

Go to the dresser or wardrobe. They will automatically change clothes based on the activity and you can set multiple outfits for each.

Can you speed up time in Sims Mobile?

As soon as an event begins, a time limit will pop up and it’s usually pretty long. If you have enough Energy, you can speed up the passing time by completing event-related actions.

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How do you make Sims Mobile Fun?

We have prepared a short list of tips and if you use them you will quickly provide your Sims with an interesting and rich life.

  1. Perform daily tasks.
  2. Play with at least two Sims at the same time.
  3. Spend Sim cash only on Sim slots.
  4. Party a lot!
  5. Play a lot!
  6. Have a working Sim!
  7. Watch commercials.
  8. Buy as much as you can.

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