Question: How Do You Get Images For An Fashion Blog?

How do bloggers get their photos?

Unsplash is a great place to find free blog images that are creative commons licensed or public domain. They offer a wide variety of free stunning photos that you can download and use for any project, including your blog.

Do fashion bloggers take their own photos?

One of the most asked questions to me as a blogger, is “Who takes your outfit photos?” The answer, most are surprised about the answer, “I do.” Some bloggers have ‘helpers’ who take their photos, and some bloggers, such as myself do their own photography.

How do I create a content for my fashion blog?

How to Start a Fashion Blog: Your Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Select your niche.
  2. Choose hosting and install the WordPress software (it’s simple, don’t worry)
  3. Optimize your blog with the perfect theme and quality plugins.
  4. Create a consistent publishing schedule with great-looking images.
  5. Market your blog on social media.
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What app do fashion bloggers use?

11 of the Best Apps for Fashion Bloggers

  • AfterLight. This app is perfect for pictures.
  • VSCOCam. I love this app for its filters and its ability to turn a regular smartphone into a DSLR.
  • iDashboard. This is any fashion bloggers must have app for monitoring Google Analytics.
  • BlogLovin.
  • WordPress.
  • Dropbox.
  • Facetune.
  • Hootsuite.

Do blogs have to have pictures?

It’s crucial not only to include images but also to include the right images to help you craft and tell that story. Imagery should be an integral part of all blog posts. You should think of images the same way you think of your introduction or title: Your blog just won’t work without them.

Can I use screenshots in my blog?

Yes, you can take screenshots and use them on your blog. This almost always falls under Fair Use. It comes down to intent, how, and how much you use of the other person’s content. 99.9% of the time you don’t have to ask for permission.

Do bloggers hire photographers?

If you’re just starting out with shooting with a photographer for your blog, don’t be afraid to ask other bloggers for recommendations. Most bloggers are willing to share who they use for their photography. Some even tag their photographer in all of their photos because it’s a part of their contract.

How do you take a flattering outfit picture?

For head-to-toe outfit photo, have the person taking your picture hold the camera lower. They should hold the camera phone around their stomach area. Ask them to slightly, and I mean slightly, tilt the camera phone up at an angle. This will make your body look taller and leaner.

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How do I take pictures of myself on a blog?

Tips for photographing yourself solo

  1. Keep your tripod handy. Personally, I have two tripods.
  2. Use a self-timer. There’s nothing worse than snapping a photo when you’re not ready.
  3. Hide your remote. If your tripod has a Bluetooth remote like mine, you’ll need it handy to activate your camera.

What should I post on my fashion blog?

Blog Post Ideas For Fashion Bloggers

  • Outfit of the day (OOTD).
  • Your most worn items.
  • Items that you’ve never worn or worn the least.
  • Your wardrobe tour.
  • Your shoe collection.
  • Your bag collection.
  • Your jewellery collection.
  • Your favourite online fashion stores.

How do I promote my fashion blog?


  1. NEWSLETTER. Newsletters are one of the most powerful ways to promote your posts.
  2. PUSH NOTIFICATIONS. Some people find them annoying, others find them amazing.
  8. GOOGLE +

Who is the most popular fashion blogger?

List of 150 Top Fashion Influencers to Follow in 2021

  • Cole Sprouse @colesprouse (31.4 million)
  • Chiara Ferragni @chiaraferragni (19.3 million) – Most Popular Fashion Blog.
  • Camila Coelho @camilacoelho (6.2 million)
  • Lauren Conrad @laurenconrad (6.1 million)
  • Aimee Song @aimeesong (5.5 million) – Most Popular Fashion Blog.

Do fashion bloggers get paid?

Fashion bloggers mainly collaborate with other brands to make money. It can also be paid sponsorships, promoting other fashion brands or lifestyle products where they promote brands in exchange for money. Brands get loyal customers and better visibility online, whereas fashion bloggers make money.

What is the best app for blogging?

Here are 5 apps to make the process of running a blog from your phone not just painless, but fun.

  • Blogging Platform: WordPress or Blogger.
  • Text Editor: Google Docs.
  • Photo Editor: Pixlr Express.
  • Social Networking: Buffer.
  • Traffic Analysis: Google Analytics.
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Is there an app for putting outfits together?

Closet+ is a streamlined app that organises your mounting pile of clothes into individual items, letting you assemble winning outfits without fuss. Put in the effort to catalogue all your outfits and it’ll really help you maximise what you own.

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