Readers ask: Who Jumped On The Catwalk During A Chanel Fashion Show?

Why did Gigi kick Marie out of Chanel runway?

After getting most of the way round the runway, Gigi Hadid stepped in and led her away. It seems to have been a publicity stunt rather than protest. Just as Marie was getting into it and posing with her hands on her hips, Gigi – who looked unimpressed – blocked her way.

Who interrupted the Chanel show?

The Chanel runway show in Paris was interrupted by an unexpected guest: Marie Benoliel, better known as Marie S’Infiltre, a French comedian and Youtuber known for her stunts, like interrupting and infiltrating just about any event she can.

What did Marie S Infiltre do?

Marie S’Infiltre, the French woman who crashed Chanel’s Paris Fashion Week show, is a seasoned comedian who previously went viral with a video about the #MeToo movement.

Why was Marie Infiltre kicked out of Gigi Hadid?

ICYMI, Gigi Hadid escorted Marie S’Infiltre off the Chanel runway after she crashed it, because newsflash, joining in a fashion show because you think you’re funny is decidedly not funny. Duh. If you’re not as fashion-obsessed as I am, you might not realize how big of a deal Chanel’s seasonal fashion shows truly are.

What is Gigi Hadid net worth?

26-year-old supermodel has an estimated net worth of $29m.

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What are the 4 major Fashion Week events?

Although there are many notable fashion weeks around the world, only four are known as the “Big Four”; Paris, Milan, London and New York.

What is the biggest fashion week in the world?

Paris Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, London Fashion Week and Milan Fashion Week are the most known Fashion Weeks around the world, attracting buyers, the media, celebrities, top models and designers who proudly present their latest collections.

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